[ too-wey ]


  1. providing for or allowing movement in opposite directions, or both to and from a place:

    two-way traffic.

  2. allowing or entailing communication or exchange between two persons, groups, countries, etc.
  3. involving two parties or participants, as a relationship or agreement; two-sided:

    a two-way race for the nomination.

  4. entailing responsibilities, obligations, etc., on both such parties.
  5. capable of both receiving and sending signals:

    a two-way radio.

  6. capable of being used in two ways.



  1. moving, permitting movement, or operating in either of two opposite directions

    two-way traffic

    a two-way valve

  2. involving two participants

    a two-way agreement

  3. involving reciprocal obligation or mutual action

    a two-way process

  4. (of a radio, telephone, etc) allowing communications in two directions using both transmitting and receiving equipment
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Word History and Origins

Origin of two-way1

First recorded in 1565–75
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Example Sentences

What pundits think, however, is that this is a two-way race between Breaking Bad and True Detective.

The Delle Donnas retorted that their friendship with Medrano was a two-way street.

Two-way trade with the U.S. alone had grown to $7.3 billion.

The agent had a two-way radio connecting him with other agents downtown.

The revelations from Snowden provide evidence that such hacking is a two-way street.

Fasten a double or two-way spirit level on the front left-hand corner.

But here were officers, doctors, an ambulance, all ordered in advance by two-way airplane radio.

It is a two-way process in which two or more people discuss meanings that concern them.

Such a transfer line is called a two-way line or a single-track line, because traffic over it may be in either direction.

The first and simplest of these methods is to employ so-called two-way trunks.





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