tympanic membrane

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nounAnatomy, Zoology.

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First recorded in 1855–60

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  • One of the walls of this cavity persists as the tympanic membrane or drum.

    Embryology | Gerald R. Leighton
  • The wax should never be picked out with pin or sharp object except by a physician, lest injury be done to the tympanic membrane.

    General Science | Bertha M. Clark
  • In the embryos of higher Vertebrates it closes in the centre, the point of concrescence forming the tympanic membrane.

  • There are in mammals four auditory ossicles forming a chain extending from the fenestra ovalis to the tympanic membrane.

    The Vertebrate Skeleton | Sidney H. Reynolds
  • Before terminating the operation a clear view of the tympanic membrane should always be obtained.

British Dictionary definitions for tympanic membrane

tympanic membrane

  1. the thin translucent oval membrane separating the external ear from the middle ear. It transmits vibrations produced by sound waves, via the ossicles, to the cochlea: Also called: tympanum Nontechnical name: eardrum

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tympanic membrane

[ tĭm-pănĭk ]

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