[ti-roh-lee-en, tahy-; French tee-raw-lyen]
noun, plural Ty·ro·li·ennes [ti-roh-lee-enz, tahy-; French tee-raw-lyen] /tɪˌroʊ liˈɛnz, taɪ-; French ti rɔˈlyɛn/.
  1. a dance of the Tyrolean peasants.
  2. a song or melody, characteristically a yodel, suitable for such a dance.

Origin of Tyrolienne

1885–90; < French, feminine of tyrolien pertaining to the Tyrol
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  1. a lively peasant dance from the Tyrol
  2. a song composed for or in the style of this dance, characterized by the yodel

Word Origin for Tyrolienne

French: of the Tyrol
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