[ uhg-lee ]
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adjective,ug·li·er, ug·li·est.
  1. very unattractive or unpleasant to look at; offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance.

  2. disagreeable; unpleasant; objectionable: ugly tricks;ugly discords.

  1. morally revolting: ugly crime.

  2. threatening trouble or danger: ugly symptoms.

  3. mean; hostile; quarrelsome: an ugly mood;an ugly frame of mind.

  4. (especially of natural phenomena) unpleasant or dangerous: ugly weather;an ugly sea.

Origin of ugly

First recorded in 1200–50; Middle English ugly, uglike, from Old Norse uggligr “fearful, dreadful,” equivalent to ugg(r) “fear” + -ligr -ly

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Other words from ugly

  • ug·li·ly, adverb
  • ug·li·ness, noun
  • su·per·ug·ly, adjective

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/ (ˈʌɡlɪ) /

adjective-lier or -liest
  1. of unpleasant or unsightly appearance

  2. repulsive, objectionable, or displeasing in any way: war is ugly

  1. ominous or menacing: an ugly situation

  2. bad-tempered, angry, or sullen: an ugly mood

Origin of ugly

C13: from Old Norse uggligr dreadful, from ugga fear

Derived forms of ugly

  • uglily, adverb
  • ugliness, noun

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