[ uhn-uhn, uhn-uhn, uhn-uhn ]

  1. (used to indicate disagreement, disapproval, or dissatisfaction.)

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How to use uh-uh in a sentence

  • And I rattles off, solemn-like: 'Me—hoh—puh—fih—chu—lang—ra—ta—ta—poh—uh—ee—lee—shung—la—uh—uh—uh!'

    Dry Fish and Wet | Anthon Bernhard Elias Nilsen
  • My daughter has set her heart on the hoss, an'—he-uh-uh-uh!'

    David Harum | Edward Noyes Westcott
  • I—I think I must accede to your proposition, an'—he-uh-uh—accept the favor,' he says, draggin' the words out by the roots.

    David Harum | Edward Noyes Westcott
  • uh-uh—roughly—and I'm not sure—the fifth or sixth car back from the lead car.

    Warren Commission (6 of 26): Hearings Vol. VI (of 15) | The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy
  • "uh-uh, she hasn't got a thing I want," Beverly laughed again, still lightly.

    Masters of Space | Edward Elmer Smith

British Dictionary definitions for uh-uh


/ (ˈʌˈʌ) /

sentence substitute
  1. informal, mainly US a less emphatic variant of no 1

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