[ yoo-in-tuh-theer ]
/ yuˈɪn təˌθɪər /


any hoofed North American mammal of the extinct genus Dinoceras, of the Eocene Epoch, having a massive body and three pairs of horns.

Origin of uintathere

< New Latin Uintatherium (1872) a related genus, equivalent to Uinta Co., SW Wyoming, where fossils of the animal were found + Greek thēríon -there
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British Dictionary definitions for uintathere

/ (juːˈɪntəˌθɪə) /


any of various extinct Tertiary rhinoceros-like mammals of North America, having six horny processes on the headAlso called: dinoceras

Word Origin for uintathere

from Uinta, a county in Wyoming + Greek thērion wild animal
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