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abbreviation for

  1. United Kingdom.



abbreviation for

  1. United Kingdom



the internet domain name for

  1. United Kingdom

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Example Sentences

Meanwhile two kids were taken from their mother when she flew back to the UK from Turkey.

Directors will now have to guess the difference between dirty talk and abuse, or leave the UK to film elsewhere.

Yet when the new regulations for the UK Audiovisual Media Services 2014 were announced, jaws dropped.

“Given the number of events which take place across the UK it is likely to be difficult to enforce,” said Rupert Sutton.

Thanks to their sacrifice, Afghanistan is a better country and we walk in safer streets at home in the UK.

It is in February and March that the hoopoes nest in their millions, and call softly, from morn till eve, uk-uk-uk.

Unfortunately the illustrations are still in copyright in the UK (where I live), and so have not been included.

By a process familiar to philologists the suffix "uk" was dropped and the rendering became Marad.

Sometimes it is a loud kee-uk, like the scream of a blue jay divided into two syllables, with the accent on the last.

While the parent was thus waiting outside with a succulent caterpillar hanging from its bill, it used to utter its call uk-uk-uk.


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