1. Underwriters' Laboratories (used especially on labels for electrical appliances approved by this nonprofit safety-testing organization).

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Example Sentences

Jundullah and Jaish ul Adl sprang up “in reaction to that kind of oppression,” he said.

Akhtar will take over from Zaheer-ul-Islam, who is set to retire on Oct. 1.

Zuflikar Bhutto chose General Zia ul Huq to be COAS in the 70s.

“One of our factions, Junood ul Hifsa, did it,” TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan told the AFP news agency.

Anwar ul-Haq Mujahid wasted no time before swinging back into action.

Not far from this is the monument of Nizam-ul-din, a very sacred and greatly venerated Mahomedan.

It is as perfect in its execution as that of the saint Nizam-ul-din, and appears to have been erected by the same artist.

When he came in to Zein ul Asnam, the latter rose to him and received him with the utmost reverence.

Now Asoph ul Dowlah, as appears by the minutes on your Lordships' table, was at that time a bankrupt.

Sujah Dowlah had but one lawful wife: he had by her but one lawful child, Asoph ul Dowlah.