[ uhl-fi-luhs ]

  1. a.d. c311–c382, Christian bishop to the Goths: translated Bible into the Gothic language.

  • Also Ul·fi·la [uhl-fi-luh], /ˈʌl fɪ lə/, Wulfila.

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How to use Ulfilas in a sentence

  • There was a Gothic translation of the Bible, which is supposed to have been made in the fourth century by Ulfilas.

  • And so, too, in the Gothic of Ulfilas the homestead was a 'gard.'

  • It was the outstanding merit of Ulfilas that he translated the Bible into Gothic.

  • They still held to the primitive faith taught them by Ulfilas and their Gothic Bible.

    Spain | Frederick Albion Ober
  • Low as they had fallen, they could still count among them the great name of Ulfilas.

    The Arian Controversy | H. M. Gwatkin

British Dictionary definitions for Ulfilas


Ulfila (ˈʊlfɪlə) or Wulfila

/ (ˈʊlfɪˌlæs) /

  1. ?311–?382 ad, Christian bishop of the Goths who translated the Bible from Greek into Gothic

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