[ uhl-truh-muh-reen ]
/ ˌʌl trə məˈrin /


of the color ultramarine.
beyond the sea.


a blue pigment consisting of powdered lapis lazuli.
a similar artificial blue pigment.
any of various other pigments.
a deep-blue color.

Origin of ultramarine

1590–1600; < Medieval Latin ultrāmarīnus, equivalent to Latin ultrā ultra- + marīnus marine
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British Dictionary definitions for ultramarine

/ (ˌʌltrəməˈriːn) /


a blue pigment consisting of sodium and aluminium silicates and some sodium sulphide, obtained by powdering natural lapis lazuli or made synthetically: used in paints, printing ink, plastics, etc
a vivid blue colour


of the colour ultramarine
from across the seas

Word Origin for ultramarine

C17: from Medieval Latin ultramarinus, from ultrā beyond (see ultra-) + mare sea; so called because the lapis lazuli from which the pigment was made was imported from Asia
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