[ uhm-buhl ]
/ ˈʌm bəl /
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noun Botany.
an inflorescence in which a number of flower stalks or pedicels, nearly equal in length, spread from a common center.
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Origin of umbel

1590–1600; <Latin umbella a sunshade, parasol, derivative of umbra shadow, shade; for formation see castellum
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How to use umbel in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for umbel

/ (ˈʌmbəl) /

an inflorescence, characteristic of umbelliferous plants, in which the flowers arise from the same point in the main stem and have stalks of the same length, to give a cluster with the youngest flowers at the centre

Derived forms of umbel

umbellate (ˈʌmbɪlɪt, -ˌleɪt), umbellar (ʌmˈbɛlə) or umbellated, adjectiveumbellately, adverb

Word Origin for umbel

C16: from Latin umbella a sunshade, from umbra shade
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Scientific definitions for umbel

[ ŭmbəl ]

A flat or rounded indeterminate inflorescence in which the individual flower stalks (called pedicels) arise from about the same point on the stem at the tip of the peduncle. The geranium, milkweed, and onion have umbels. Umbels usually show centripetal inflorescence, with the lower or outer flowers blooming first.
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