umbrella tree

  1. an American magnolia, Magnolia tripetala, having large leaves in umbrellalike clusters.

  2. any of various other trees resembling an umbrella.

Origin of umbrella tree

An Americanism dating back to 1730–40

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How to use umbrella tree in a sentence

  • The only alternative to this was that the original umbrella tree had disappeared, and this I did not want to believe.

    The Pirate of Panama | William MacLeod Raine
  • By this time a path had been cut through to the palm grove and from it to the umbrella tree.

    The Pirate of Panama | William MacLeod Raine
  • Under this sheltering umbrella-tree, which spread its dense arch like a roof, sat Joyce and her mother.

    The Little Colonel: Maid of Honor | Annie Fellows Johnston
  • It is known as large-leaved cucumber tree, great-leaved magnolia, large-leaved umbrella tree, and long-leaved magnolia.

    American Forest Trees | Henry H. Gibson
  • Here was pointed out a fine, lofty specimen of the umbrella tree, of the pine family, with broad leaves of a deep green.

    Due West | Maturin Murray Ballou

British Dictionary definitions for umbrella tree

umbrella tree

  1. a North American magnolia, Magnolia tripetala, having long leaves clustered into an umbrella formation at the ends of the branches and unpleasant-smelling white flowers

  2. Also called: umbrella bush Any of various other trees or shrubs having leaves shaped like an umbrella or growing in an umbrella-like cluster

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