/ ˌʌnəˈdrɛst /


  1. (of a letter, package, etc) not having an address

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Example Sentences

The international response, says MSF, has been “slow” and “uncoordinated,” leaving many of the greatest needs unaddressed.

The question of whether or not Scott even thought to audition more ethnically accurate performers remains unaddressed.

There will be great temptation to speed to a conclusion of the talks, which would leave major conflict drivers unaddressed.

Letting the situation lie unaddressed is highly dangerous when such an explosive issue sits in such a turbulent environment.

The tension between these two moral intuitions goes unresolved - really unaddressed - in the novel's pages.

He said he dropped an unaddressed letter on this landing last night, and he asked me to fetch it.

In return for all this solicitude the lawyer had an unaddressed and ambiguous scrawl in his possession.

That letter I enclose with this one, but in an unaddressed envelop.

"The envelope is unaddressed, Helen," he remarked, extending it toward her.

When the war broke out, American gifts tumbled into Paris, addressed and unaddressed.