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/ ˌʌnænˈtɪsɪˌpeɪtɪd /


  1. not anticipated; unforeseen

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Example Sentences

You need to recognize the fact that something unanticipated could happen.

From Digiday

Its creators hope to define objects in a way that’s useful now but flexible enough to accommodate the unanticipated uses mathematicians might have for these objects.

These microscopic air bags “have so many uses that were totally unanticipated,” Shapiro says.

The example resonates because wars, like pandemics, create dramatic, unanticipated needs for medical innovations.

I mean, it has very little to do with the unanticipated uses.

They can also have unintended and unanticipated consequences.

Meanwhile, the conservative activist Ralph Reed called it “an unanticipated gift to the Romney campaign.”

And in some places, it has worked out—but with unanticipated complications.

Despite years in adult entertainment, this exposure of her private life was unprecedented and unanticipated, says Foster.

There are many mysteries of marriage, quite unanticipated by the bachelor before he changes his state.

These came in their order, and with them, unanticipated tarnishings on the first bright perfection of our relations.

This unanticipated exclamation astonished and delighted me, especially when I recognized, by the sound of her voice, Old Rachel.

It was very sudden—entirely unanticipated—although I had been suspecting disease of the heart.

For it was a charm; an actual feminine, an unanticipated personal, charm; past reach of tongue to name, wordless in thought.