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/ ˌʌnəˈpriːʃɪˌeɪtɪd, -sɪ- /


  1. not given or shown thanks or gratitude
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Derived Forms

  • ˌunapˈpreciative, adjective
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Example Sentences

The people responsible for buying it are being overworked, underpaid and unappreciated.

From Digiday

Coaches with great hearts and gross records have gone unappreciated and then fired.

There has been a quiet, unappreciated revolution in energy production and consumption.

Increasingly unappreciated at work, Peggy is excluded from working on the Jaguar account.

Despite that crucial effort, she felt unwanted, unappreciated.

With Athens recently alarmed by a half-dozen cases of West Nile virus, the attempt at humor went mostly unappreciated.

So this is not an Avatar vs. Hurt Locker battle of popular schlock versus unappreciated quality.

Their invention seemed to be far ahead of the times, and their project passed by unappreciated.

Everybody affected not to hear him, and the youth went on smiling to his unappreciated self.

He closed his eyes as he sat in his room, the fluctuating colors on the walls going unappreciated.

Hero's wonderful invention remained unused and unappreciated for nearly 2,000 years.

He even left the papal palace in disdain when he found his labors unappreciated.