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/ ˌʌnbɪˈliːvəblɪ /


  1. in a manner that is hard to believe; astonishingly

    it gets unbelievably hot

  2. sentence modifier it is hard to believe that; incredibly

    unbelievably, he remained utterly cheerful

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Example Sentences

She had all the pressure of people in the spotlight and was unbelievably rigorous about keeping it real.

Todd is at his best discussing the unbelievably botched rollout of

And also just playing it unbelievably cool in the course of making his decisions.

Steele's film also follows the unbelievably brave gays trying to take a stand.

Unbelievably, Gallaty says that sexuality—unlike race and gender—can be changed.

The important thing was that his Godhood had been grossly, unbelievably insulted—and at a damned inconvenient time, too!

Captain Meagher was known in the department as a man incredibly honest and unbelievably dull.

The cat had fought; the dead animals were headless or disemboweled, unbelievably battered.

He became aware of an immediate sense of relief; in an unbelievably short time the fever had left him and he was himself again.

Then the Oregon radar unbelievably reported that the object was decelerating.


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