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[ uhn-bahy-uhst ]


  1. not biased biased or prejudiced; fair; impartial.

    Synonyms: neutral, tolerant, equitable, fair


/ ʌnˈbaɪəst /


  1. having no bias or prejudice; fair or impartial
  2. statistics
    1. (of a sample) not affected by any extraneous factors, conflated variables, or selectivity which influence its distribution; random
    2. (of an estimator) having an expected value equal to the parameter being estimated; having zero bias
    3. Also calleddiscriminatory (of a significance test). Having a power greater than the predetermined significance level
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Derived Forms

  • unˈbiasedly, adverb
  • unˈbiasedness, noun
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Other Words From

  • un·biased·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of unbiased1

First recorded in 1600–10; un- 1 + biased
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Example Sentences

I needed somebody who was unbiased and had an outside perspective to advise on the best way to approach feedback or raising issues.

From Digiday

On the other hand, the current reception from the industry—and the consumer, personally and unbiased—I think was a little underwhelming.

From Time

Fortunately, our social studies teacher and counselors have the training on how to present material in an unbiased way and how to support students.

From Fortune

We believe that the only unbiased, accurate and insightful way to understand how your developers are working, progressing and — last but definitely not least — how they’re feeling, is with data.

He also stated that 60 percent of the company’s managers are BIPOC or women, and that for years the company has had committees for hiring, promoting, and firing employees to make sure personnel decisions were fair and unbiased.

I want to bring this to your kind attention with the hope that you will help me secure an unbiased resolution.

“There is no such thing as an unbiased source,” laments one of them.

The extent to which this is instrumental and forced is clear to any unbiased observer.

“In my mind this sub is the best place on the internet for real, unbiased news about Syria,” one user wrote on a thread.

By all accounts, DiMaio appears to be an unbiased expert in his field.

It was the unbiased opinion of several wool-dealers present, that the shearing above would yield at least 35 lbs.

This admonition to seek the guidance of unbiased scientific observers is deserving of special emphasis at the present time.

He must be unbiased in his judgment and impartial in his friendship.

She was an able writer herself; her judgment was thoughtful, refined, unbiased—altogether of a superior sort.

I felt that we should strike an unbiased observer as a couple of very deep and wily and developing and repulsive persons.