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[ uhn-boks ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to remove from a box.
  2. to remove (a new product or desirable purchase) from its box or packaging, especially for others to see:

    I just uploaded a video of me unboxing my new tablet.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unbox1

First recorded in 1600-50; un- 2 + box 1
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Example Sentences

Having a channel to reach consumers from unboxing to daily moments, including a device’s notifications, is a crucial step for all app advertisers.

From Digiday

Whatever your query, desire, or purpose, the internet provides, and all of the complexity of everything from unboxing videos to do-it-yourself blogs are contained within infinitely complex strings of bits.

After unboxing her chair and gulping down some pizza and yogurt, McFadden went to bed early.

New and aspiring growers will enjoy unboxing this best indoor herb garden kit.

So, whether you spent the holiday making cookies, gathering around a lit tree for a cute photo opp, unboxing gifts with the kids or simply enjoying some stress-free time, we sincerely hope that you had an incredible day that was full of joy.

The folks at Unbox Therapy decided to look into what was dubbed “Bendghazi.”


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