[ uhn-buhn-dl ]
/ ʌnˈbʌn dl /

verb (used with object), un·bun·dled, un·bun·dling.

to separate the charges for (related products or services usually offered as a package): to unbundle computer hardware and software.
to separate (charges for related products or services): to unbundle charges for telephone service.

verb (used without object), un·bun·dled, un·bun·dling.

to set separate charges for related products or services.

Origin of unbundle

First recorded in 1965–70; un-2 + bundle
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British Dictionary definitions for unbundling (1 of 2)

/ (ʌnˈbʌndlɪŋ) /


commerce the takeover of a large conglomerate with a view to retaining the core business and selling off some of the subsidiaries to help finance the takeover

British Dictionary definitions for unbundling (2 of 2)

/ (ʌnˈbʌndəl) /


(tr) computing to separate (hardware from software) for sales purposes
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