[ uhn-ser-uh-moh-nee-uhs-lee ]


  1. in a way that seems rudely abrupt or hasty; suddenly and without apology or explanation:

    After settling our hotel bill we were unceremoniously thrown out without even a smile or a thank-you.

    The waves were so strong that they lifted the steamer and unceremoniously dumped it a mile upriver from the estuary.

  2. without observing normal conventions or formalities; informally or casually:

    Served unceremoniously on wax paper, this pool hall burger is a deliciously unpretentious bargain.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unceremoniously1

First recorded in 1750–60; unceremonious ( def ) + -ly ( def )
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Example Sentences

Sitting in the section of the sitcom’s studio usually reserved for the live audience, the pair wasted very little time on pleasantries, instead diving headfirst into the controversy of Hubert’s unceremonious exit from the show.

In May 2012, Kirstie Clements was unceremoniously fired after serving as editor of 'Vogue Australia' for 13 years.

Undeterred by the crippling polar vortex that's left heaps of snow lying unceremoniously at every turn.

Ruderman, citing family reasons, eventually returned, and Osberg, Larry Platt and his apostrophe were unceremoniously removed.

Faiza smiled at me, approached me, and unceremoniously held on to my chin.

This movie unceremoniously demonizes an already woefully misunderstood creature of the deep.

There, in the crush, he unceremoniously lost her, and sped like a maniac to the entrance gates.

"Be still, sir," and Dorothy pushed the old dog rather unceremoniously from the door.

He had found the front door open, and had followed his ring by walking in unceremoniously.

Kirton had married again; and his new wife had fairly turned her out more unceremoniously than the late one did.

"Here comes the Young Doctor," said Mrs. Tynan as the door opened unceremoniously.