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Middle English word dating back to 1250–1300; see origin at un-1, certain
Related formsun·cer·tain·ly, adverbun·cer·tain·ness, noun

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1. Uncertain, insecure, precarious imply a lack of predictability. That which is uncertain is doubtful or problematical; it often involves danger through an inability to predict or to place confidence in the unknown: The time of his arrival is uncertain. That which is insecure is not firm, stable, reliable, or safe, and hence is likely to give way, fail, or be overcome: an insecure foundation, footing, protection. Precarious suggests great susceptibility to failure, or exposure to imminent danger: a precarious means of existence.
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Contemporary Examples of uncertainly

  • And the Ukrainian army, slowly, uncertainly, but ineluctably, is closing in on this besieged ghost-town of a city.

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    Shakeup In the Ukraine Rebel High Command

    Jamie Dettmer

    August 15, 2014

  • The result was an extra month of uncertainly that impeded an already volatile hiring market.

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    Obama’s Jobs Malaise

    Daniel Stone

    September 2, 2011

Historical Examples of uncertainly

  • Cyrus had withdrawn from the stove, and was feeling his chin, uncertainly.

    Meadow Grass

    Alice Brown

  • The uncertainly and mystery that enveloped Eldorado was its greatest charm.

    Four Girls and a Compact

    Annie Hamilton Donnell

  • In the living-room he stood and stared about him uncertainly.

  • “I must go through the dining-room to get to my room,” Olive said uncertainly.

    Olive in Italy

    Moray Dalton

  • The girl's voice was colorless, and she did not look at Rufus who regarded her uncertainly.

    In Apple-Blossom Time

    Clara Louise Burnham

British Dictionary definitions for uncertainly



not able to be accurately known or predictedthe issue is uncertain
(when postpositive, often foll by of) not sure or confident (about)a man of uncertain opinion
not precisely determined, established, or decideduncertain plans
not to be depended upon; unreliablean uncertain vote
liable to variation; changeablethe weather is uncertain
in no uncertain terms
  1. unambiguously
  2. forcefully
Derived Formsuncertainly, adverbuncertainness, noun
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Word Origin and History for uncertainly



c.1300, "of indeterminate time or occurrence," from un- (1) "not" + certain (adj.). Meaning "not fully confident" is recorded from late 14c. (implied in uncertainty). Related: Uncertainly.

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see in no uncertain terms.

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