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/ ʌnˈtʃælɪndʒd /


  1. not having been challenged or questioned

    thirty years of unchallenged power

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Derived Forms

  • unˈchallengeable, adjective

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Example Sentences

Al-Qaeda overran Lahij on August 11 unchallenged, bombed the buildings specified in the memos, then left.

For example, she cited her campaign to expose pedophiles living, unnamed and unchallenged, among vulnerable communities.

However, there are some who appear incapable of letting the slightest decision go unchallenged.

More maddeningly still, the alleged liberals and fact-based reporters on various panels often permit it to go unchallenged.

One common denominator of super-affluent alpha men is the conviction, unchallenged every day, that the world revolves around them.

She was barely five feet five, but she ranked with tall women, her height as unchallenged as the chiselling of her profile.

When a man talks about "spiritual discernment," he makes a tacit assertion which ought not to be allowed to pass unchallenged.

So even here there were flies in every ointment, and no dream of perfection could remain unchallenged.

I hate when Vice brings forward refined arguments, and Virtue allows them to pass unchallenged.

Robert and Perpetua passed unchallenged from the room and from the house.