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/ ʌnˈtʃeɪndʒɪŋ /


  1. remaining the same; constant

    an unchanging nature

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Example Sentences

DNA sequences are fixed and unchanging, so most of an organism’s adaptability comes from supple epigenetic mechanisms, processes that regulate gene expression in response to environmental cues or pressures, which sometimes involve RNA.

In her 2019 book, Limitless Mind, she said people need to give up the idea that one’s ability to learn is fixed, or unchanging.

His work challenged the common idea that people were born with a fixed number of brain cells organized in unchanging paths.

If we lived in a truly endless and unchanging universe then we might expect there to be galaxies of stars in every single direction we looked, all stacked up in infinite progression so that there would be no place without visible light.

The grip boosted the shoes’ friction with ice by 20 to 35 percent compared to shoes such as winter boots that had a textured, but unchanging, sole, Babaee reports.

We expect novelty and surprise—but we expect them to unfold within a unique and essentially unchanging set of parameters.

It has become an uneventful, unchanging story—one that reflects the peace process it arguably aims to protect.

For a moment in the book we get a glimpse of the Laura Bush beneath her pleasant, unchanging smile.

Some can seem as clear as a mug shot, each element identifiable and unchanging.

And over all these changes from grandeur to squalor, bent down the purple heavens with their unchanging splendour!

Mind, I am not proving this in any way: I am but stating it as the firm and unchanging belief of Catholics.

He laughed, but only with his mouth; the close-set eyes remained unchanging, watchful.

I seem suddenly lifted out of a drear monotony of unchanging days, back to a life of extraordinary vitality and promise.

For half a minute the dark figure and unchanging face bent over the embroidery-frame without a word of reply.


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