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[ uhn-klas-uh-fahyd ]


  1. not assigned to a class or category; not arranged according to characteristics:

    Reported instances fall into two main types, with a few unclassified anomalies.

  2. (of data, documents, etc.) not belonging to a category that is restricted for reasons of security; not secret:

    unclassified plans; unclassified information.


/ ʌnˈklæsɪˌfaɪd /


  1. not arranged in any specific order or grouping
  2. (of information) not possessing a security classification
  3. (of football results) not arranged in any special order or in divisions
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Word History and Origins

Origin of unclassified1

First recorded in 1860–65; un- 1 + classified
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Example Sentences

Patil noticed that some kids would try to separate the unclassified pasta into two roughly equal groups at every juncture.

Cheap measuring tapes are unclassified, meaning their accuracy can’t be traced to any known standard.

The original solicitation specifies that the cloud should be able to handle petabytes of unclassified data every few months.

The Defense Department is poised to release an unclassified report on unidentified aerial phenomena.

He said that the lab had declared another article was unclassified that DOE said was classified, after its publication.

In the unclassified version, the Central Intelligence Agency, as such, is not mentioned a single time.

An unclassified briefing document provides new clues, writes Eli Lake.

The information leaked by WikiLeaks includes unclassified information.

If his camp grows into a house frequented by sportsmen, there will be a duffel room to contain all manner of unclassified things.

That introduction seems mighty comprehensive on your part, but it still leaves me unclassified.

She would be called in England a charwoman, but in this America of the vast mongrel heterogenesis she is an unclassified laborer.

They were arranged under twenty-six groups, and yet fifty-four are unclassified that are distinct as German and French.

Let the psychologist explain Benny's mental processes; we prefer to leave them undisturbed and unclassified.