[ uhng-kuhl ]
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  1. a brother of one's father or mother.

  2. an aunt's husband.

  1. a familiar title or term of address for any elderly man.

  2. Slang. a pawnbroker.

  3. (initial capital letter)Informal. Uncle Sam.

  4. a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter U.

Idioms about uncle

  1. say / cry uncle, Informal. to concede defeat: They ganged up on him in the schoolyard and made him say uncle.

Origin of uncle

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English, from Anglo-French uncle, Old French oncle, from Latin avunculus “mother's brother,” equivalent to av(us) “mother's father” + -unculus suffix extracted from diminutives of n-stems (see homunculus)

Other words from uncle

  • un·cle·less, adjective
  • un·cle·ship, noun

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/ (ˈʌŋkəl) /

  1. a brother of one's father or mother

  2. the husband of one's aunt

  1. a term of address sometimes used by children for a male friend of their parents

  2. slang a pawnbroker

Origin of uncle

C13: from Old French oncle, from Latin avunculus; related to Latin avus grandfather

Other words from uncle

  • Related adjective: avuncular

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see cry uncle; Dutch uncle.

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