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Origin of coin

1300–50; Middle English coyn(e), coygne < Anglo-French; Middle French coin, cuigne wedge, corner, die < Latin cuneus wedge

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(of a metal) not made into coin



a metal disc or piece used as money
metal currency, as opposed to securities, paper currency, etcRelated adjective: nummary
architect a variant spelling of quoin
pay a person back in his own coin to treat a person in the way that he has treated others
the other side of the coin the opposite view of a matter


(tr) to make or stamp (coins)
(tr) to make into a coin
(tr) to fabricate or invent (words, etc)
(tr) informal to make (money) rapidly (esp in the phrase coin it in)
to coin a phrase said ironically after one uses a cliché
Derived Formscoinable, adjectivecoiner, noun

Word Origin for coin

C14: from Old French: stamping die, from Latin cuneus wedge

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In addition to the idiom beginning with coin

  • coin money

also see:

  • other side of the coin
  • pay back (in someone's own coin)
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