[kuh n-fahynd]


limited or restricted.
unable to leave a place because of illness, imprisonment, etc.
being in childbirth; being in parturition.

Origin of confined

Related formscon·fin·ed·ly [kuh n-fahy-nid-lee, -fahynd-lee] /kənˈfaɪ nɪd li, -ˈfaɪnd li/, adverbcon·fin·ed·ness, nounnon·con·fined, adjectivepre·con·fin·ed·ly, adverbun·con·fined, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for unconfined

Historical Examples of unconfined

  • For the first time he felt the breath of Nature, free and unconfined, upon his brow.

    The Monster Men

    Edgar Rice Burroughs

  • Fancy hats, jewelry and unconfined curls were also strictly forbidden.


    Anna Balmer Myers

  • "On with the dance, then, let joy be unconfined," cried Andy.

  • In youth, that effervescent stage of human existence, "joy is unconfined."

  • We found ourselves yearning for that beauty which is unconfined.

    The Hive

    Will Levington Comfort

British Dictionary definitions for unconfined



not enclosed or restricted; free
(of an emotion) not restricted or disguisedunconfined joy



enclosed or restricted; limited
in childbed; undergoing childbirth
Derived Formsconfinedly (kənˈfaɪnɪdlɪ), adverbconfinedness, noun
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