[ kawst-lee, kost- ]
/ ˈkɔst li, ˈkɒst- /
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adjective, cost·li·er, cost·li·est.
costing much; expensive; high in price: a costly emerald bracelet; costly medical care.
resulting in great expense: The upkeep of such a large house is costly.
resulting in great detriment: It was a costly mistake because no one ever trusted him again.
of great value; very valuable; sumptuous.
lavish; extravagant.
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Origin of costly

First recorded in 1350–1400, costly is from the Middle English word costli. See cost, -ly

synonym study for costly

1. See expensive.


cost·li·ness, nouno·ver·cost·li·ness, nouno·ver·cost·ly, adjectiveun·cost·ly, adjective
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How to use costly in a sentence

  • In 112 extremely uncostly frames on the wall were the coffin-plates of the departed members of the family.

    Two Little Savages|Ernest Thompson Seton
  • They are uncostly, plain, and humble, showing the unostentatious mind of the great man.

  • Alas, they are homespuns from the factory, machine-made in uncostly quantities.

    The Rhythm of Life|Alice Meynell

British Dictionary definitions for costly

/ (ˈkɒstlɪ) /

adjective -lier or -liest
of great price or value; expensive
entailing great loss or sacrificea costly victory
splendid; lavish

Derived forms of costly

costliness, noun
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