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[ uhn-koun-tuh-buhl ]


  1. not countable; incapable of having the total precisely ascertained:

    uncountable colonies of bacteria; uncountable kindnesses and small favors.

  2. indefinitely large in number; infinite:

    the uncountable days of eternity.


/ ʌnˈkaʊntəbəl /


  1. too many to be counted; innumerable
  2. linguistics denoting a noun that does not refer to an isolable object See mass noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of uncountable1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; un- 1, countable

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Example Sentences

Historically, most trials enrolled only males, resulting in uncounted—and likely uncountable—consequences for public health and medicine.

In spite of its lavish opera-house good looks, the room was once used for quite another industry, one that contributed to uncountable deaths.

The cycle of test-and-learn has yielded uncountable benefits this year and helped the industry evolve in double-time.

From Digiday

She was 73, a mother of 10 and grandmother of an “uncountable number.”

Thus, the shameful, bigoted neglect of HIV/AIDS for most of his term at an uncountable cost in human life.

Then there are roundabouts uncountable, and gymnasia abundant.

The airport was just as he had remembered it on the first day of his awakening—it now seemed uncountable ages in the past.

Just beneath the shallow plough of the peasant lie riches uncountable for the nation that shall bring them to the light of day.

Many great fortunes were made in the War itself; an uncountable number got started during the two decades following.

The number of scraggy waste places he swept clear, first and last, and built tight human dwellings upon, is almost uncountable.


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