[ uhn-kuhp-uhl ]
/ 蕦n藞k蕦p 蓹l /
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verb (used with object), un路cou路pled, un路cou路pling.
to release the coupling or link between; disconnect; let go: to uncouple railroad cars.
to end (a romantic relationship or marriage): Their marriage was uncoupled by financial problems.
verb (used without object), un路cou路pled, un路cou路pling.
to become unfastened; let go: The glider uncoupled from the tow plane.
to end a romantic relationship or marriage: My sister and her boyfriend have uncoupled after ten years together.
(of a romantic relationship or marriage) to end.
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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Origin of uncouple

1300鈥50; Middle English unco(u)plen;see un-2, couple
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How to use uncouple in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for uncouple

/ (蕦n藞k蕦pl) /

to disconnect or unfasten or become disconnected or unfastened
(tr) to set loose; release
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