/ (ʌnˈkʌstəmərɪ, -təmrɪ) /

  1. not in accordance with custom or habitual practice

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How to use uncustomary in a sentence

  • In France it is not uncustomary to commit suicide at this stage; in England we do much better, or much worse, as the case may be.

    Return of the Native | Thomas Hardy
  • Customs are made for customary circumstances, and customary characters: and his circumstances or his character may be uncustomary.

    On Liberty | John Stuart Mill
  • It shows how human nature can adapt itself to the most uncustomary things.

  • To refuse it was as uncustomary and as rude as to refuse the Alaskan miner who offers a drink at a public bar.

  • So true is it that unnatural generally means only uncustomary, and that everything which is usual appears natural.

    The Subjection of Women | John Stuart Mill