[ uhn-dampt ]
/ ʌnˈdæmpt /


not damped or dampened; undiminished, as in energy, vigor, etc.: undamped spirits.
Physics. (of an oscillation) having constant or increasing amplitude.

Origin of undamped

First recorded in 1735–45; un-1 + damp + -ed2
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Examples from the Web for undamped

  • Often, after the key is struck, the damper will not return to its place and the string is undamped.

    Piano Tuning|J. Cree Fischer
  • They grind their own snuff with flat stones, out of undamped roll-tobacco, which they cut up small and dry over the lamp.

    Eskimo Life|Fridtjof Nansen
  • The undamped or "continuous" waves are generated by means of a high-frequency alternator or Poulsen arc.

  • But Grandma sat erect and drove away undaunted and undamped.

    Old Caravan Days|Mary Hartwell Catherwood

British Dictionary definitions for undamped


/ (ʌnˈdæmpt) /


(of an oscillating system) having unrestricted motion; not damped
not repressed, discouraged, or subdued; undiminished
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