/ (ˌʌndɪˈklɛəd) /

  1. not announced or acknowledged publicly

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How to use undeclared in a sentence

  • Dora's plighted lover honestly thought Dora's undeclared lover the cleverest and most delightful of men.

    The Man Between | Amelia E. Barr
  • So the stranger of undeclared intentions was set down to a mighty feast.

    Roads of Destiny | O. Henry
  • All Canadian goods having an undeclared ultimate destination require export permits.

    East-West Trade Trends | Harold E. Stassen
  • Louise Hemmenshaw, as the good lady shrewdly guessed, was the magnet that drew this undeclared lover to Mesilla Valley.

    Alamo Ranch | Sarah Warner Brooks
  • With a fluttering heart poor Justine Delande watched her undeclared lover's blackening face.

    A Fascinating Traitor | Richard Henry Savage