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/ ˌʌndɪˈfɛndɪd /


  1. not having people to provide resistance against danger, attack, or harm

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Example Sentences

Once divorced, she rid herself of the security guards, her protectors, and tried to live her life undefended.

Two weeks in the world of wholesome niceness also leaves you undefended and strangely serene and a bit childlike.

It is 1960 and the border lies undefended, an invisible line pulled taut across the west.

Thus a stark choice is upon us: We can spend what is necessary to defend the seas, or we can leave them undefended.

The weakness of the undefended left flank of the Russian army was discovered from the French ships.

He prepared to plump it heavily upon the undefended feet of young Maurice.

The Sierra de la Morena remained almost undefended, the last bulwark of Spanish nationality.

This town was absolutely undefended, and was occupied by the Boers without a shot being fired.

The Turks had put up their main fight down in Thrace, leaving the greater area of Macedonia comparatively undefended.