[ uhn-der-bel-ee ]
/ ˈʌn dərˌbɛl i /
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noun, plural un·der·bel·lies.
the lower abdomen; posterior ventral area, as of an animal's body.
the lower surface of an object; underside: the underbelly of an airplane.
a vulnerable area; weak point: an attack on the soft underbelly of Europe.
a dark, seamy, often hidden area or side: a police officer continually exposed to the underbelly of society.
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Origin of underbelly

First recorded in 1600–10; under- + belly
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How to use underbelly in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for underbelly

/ (ˈʌndəˌbɛlɪ) /

noun plural -lies
the part of an animal's belly nearest to the ground
a vulnerable or unprotected part, aspect, or region
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