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[ uhn-der-kuhv-er, uhn-der-kuhv- ]


  1. working or done out of public sight; secret:

    an undercover investigation.

    Synonyms: hidden, clandestine, covert

  2. engaged in spying or securing confidential information:

    an undercover agent.


/ ˌʌndəˈkʌvə /


  1. done or acting in secret

    undercover operations

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Word History and Origins

Origin of undercover1

First recorded in 1850–55; under- + cover

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Example Sentences

Additionally, just 23 percent of Republicans said the Capitol rioters weren’t undercover Antifa members.

To test the Wage and Hour Division’s competence, the GAO set up a sort of undercover sting.

In a recent case involving the Boogaloo Bois, an American right-wing extremist group, undercover FBI agents posed as members of Hamas, a foreign terrorist organization, according an indictment issued in November.

From Time

A multiyear undercover investigation conducted by Global Witness along with extensive reports published by the New York Times have exposed the criminal enterprises that anonymous shell companies enable.

From Fortune

By the morning of June 5, an undercover officer had set up surveillance near Brennan’s home.

A 19-year-old woman was killed in September after an undercover police watched a drug deal go down in Oklahoma City.

“We have undercover security,” says Vincent Zurzolo, the suave man in the blue suit in booth 2630 of New York Comic Con.

If you were to have undercover security, Comic Con is the perfect site.

Others seemed to be performing bombastic recitals of their grievances as if they were ill-trained actors or undercover agents.

Undercover detective Gustav Frank sold Mandelbaum several bolts of stolen silk that had been secretly marked.

We're fighting a battle against an unscrupulous enemy, an undercover battle, Steve.

He realized almost at once that such an unknown, undercover echelon would be a must.

We advanced to the river's bank undercover, and commenced firing on the boat.

But secretly he maneuvered the transfer of a five-layers-down undercover man from Madras to Government City.

Never said to anyone that I thought Lee was doing undercover work.


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