/ ˌʌndəˈpeɪd /


  1. not paid enough

    underpaid and overworked

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Example Sentences

Even public-service lawyering jobs, while underpaid for the field, still pay better than low-wage warehouse labor.

I spent four years in a prison where each handicapped convict was issued an underpaid inmate assistant.

Doctors, who were overworked and underpaid, began taking bribes to provide care.

You might even make the case that Jamie Dimon is the most underpaid CEO in America.

Teachers are underpaid—if they are paid at all since many public schools have frozen salaries.

He had, however, no idea of this, and considered himself indispensable and miserably underpaid.

But for the labor of these men (assumed to be underpaid, etc.), there would be no return out of which to pay rent.

It is for the sublime struggle of the underpaid workman that our sympathies need now to be aroused.

It is the Quarter where lives the underpaid, often unemployed workingman, a common type in a city which has no factory industries.

These others are only hungry serranos and underpaid bullfighters.





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