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[ uhn-der-see ]


  1. located, carried on, or used under the surface of the sea:

    undersea life.



/ ˈʌndəˌsiː /


  1. below the surface of the sea

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Word History and Origins

Origin of undersea1

First recorded in 1605–15; under- + sea

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Example Sentences

It took nearly three months from the date, April 20, 2010, for the energy corporation BP to cap the undersea wellhead.

Engineers Fadel Adib and Reza Ghaffarivardavagh at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge are working on one such undersea system.

It was off the coast of central California, near an undersea volcano.

At last the rover’s cameras revealed why these creatures — and hundreds, maybe thousands of others — had flocked to this undersea neighborhood.

Until now, these undersea “crop circles” were found only off the coast of Japan.

There is an expanded place-name index with more than 150,000 entries, and separate undersea, Moon, and Mars features.

Think advanced unmanned vehicles, all-aspect, broadband stealth, and undersea warfare.

The artifacts came from undersea dives and excavations from the area, which has been inhabited for at least 3,000 years.

Instead she now has new cards, such as one on which a youngster drew undersea creatures writing letters.

As though pulled toward its doom by some enormous undersea monster with ten thousand tentacles and a voracious appetite.

The navigation of the air approaches it in character, but does not present the vital problems of undersea travel.

These seem to have been used, at least, to operate doors of undersea crafts.

We were, apparently, a beacon in that sepia waste where modern undersea monsters were lurking.

I've had considerable experience in undersea work and can't let those boys drown without trying to help 'em!

A few strategically placed fluoros gave an eerie undersea light, just enough to see by—but no one could look in.


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