[ uhn-der-sel ]
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verb (used with object),un·der·sold, un·der·sell·ing.
  1. to sell more cheaply than.

  2. to advertise with restraint; understate the merits of (something): By underselling his product, he let his hearers convince themselves of its importance.

  1. to sell for less than the actual value.

Origin of undersell

First recorded in 1615–25; under- + sell1

Other words from undersell

  • un·der·sell·er, noun

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How to use undersell in a sentence

  • In that case, some would still undersell others; and the old troubles would still be experienced.

  • We calculated that we could undersell the regular dealers and that profits would accrue.

    The Believing Years | Edmund Lester Pearson
  • In short, they beat, undersell, and displace the small cowkeepers wherever the large dairy is moderately well managed.

  • They spoil our business right along, because they get their stuff for nothing, and then undersell us.

    Tramping with Tramps | Josiah Flynt
  • And if they pass an Act to prevent my marrying, then will I bury for nothing and undersell them still.

    The Chaplain of the Fleet | Walter Besant and James Rice

British Dictionary definitions for undersell


/ (ˌʌndəˈsɛl) /

verb-sells, -selling or -sold
  1. to sell for less than the usual or expected price

  2. (tr) to sell at a price lower than that of (another seller)

  1. (tr) to advertise (merchandise) with moderation or restraint

Derived forms of undersell

  • underseller, noun

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