/ (ˌʌndɪˈzɜːvd) /

  1. not earned or merited; unwarranted: an undeserved reputation

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How to use undeserved in a sentence

  • But is not this existence continually troubled by griefs, fears, and often cruel and undeserved maladies.

  • All the humiliation of undeserved failure to accomplish what had been the dear desire of five years bore down his spirit now.

  • Dr Westcott is not the only English Mason who has suffered the undeserved indignity of gross aspersion from this unclean pen.

    Devil-Worship in France | Arthur Edward Waite
  • Inexhaustibly kind to undeserved misfortune, a little impatient of mere incompetence, implacable to continuous idiocy.

    The Creators | May Sinclair
  • Only Frederick's timely confession saved the poor fellow from his undeserved punishment.