/ (ˌʌndaɪəɡˈnəʊzd) /

  1. (of a medical condition, a problem, etc) not having been identified

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How to use undiagnosed in a sentence

  • Jason had an undiagnosed example of that when he got only part of his man back from the Valley of Kings.

    Zero Data | Charles Saphro
  • This trouble might have gone on some time longer undiagnosed if we had not met our first modern national emergency in 1917.

    The Coming of Coal | Robert W. Bruere
  • By this time, our yaws and Jack's undiagnosed illness were so bad that we were anxiously waiting for the steamer.

  • Ivan Fitzgerald finally isolated the germ that had caused the Finchley girl's undiagnosed illness.

    Omnilingual | H. Beam Piper
  • Appendicitis, unrecognized until later, must have been common, and heart disease probably went undiagnosed.