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/ ˌʌnɪkˈspleɪnd /


  1. not explained or understood

    unexplained phenomena

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Derived Forms

  • ˌunexˈplainable, adjective

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Example Sentences

Ronald Reagan twice said he spotted unexplained aircrafts zooming over California.

A place where unexplained delays are a matter of course, and where public fingernail clipping is considered only a minor sin.

While many scenes feel constructed, much detail is left unexplained.

One woman said her dog came back from Green Acre with unexplained chemical burns.

At the time of her death police said the death was “non-suspicious” but “unexplained.”

In this country an unexplained marked eosinophilia warrants examination of a portion of muscle for Trichina spiralis (p. 255).

Free to explore that weird city of plodding lives, of strange unexplained sounds, of ominously hidden activity!

And then, for the second time to-day, that strange unexplained peace stole into her heart.

He seems to have promised funds for Mazzini's design, but again from some unexplained 174 cause he drew back.

Fire is an unexplained mystery to the Indian; he regards it as a connecting link between the natural and spiritual world.