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/ ʌnˈfæʃənəbəl /


  1. not fashionable

    an unfashionable view

    dull unfashionable clothes

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Example Sentences

Thankfully, no one will be judging your unfashionable headwear under water.

Applied Predictive Technologies is based in unfashionable suburban Ballston, Virginia.

Constructive optimism is unfashionable in these cynical times, but it is not a crime.

“The best and the brightest” is a phrase unfashionable since Vietnam.

The clothes, particularly those shipped to the American market, became unfashionable, unattractive, and unwearable.

From the time of Dean Swift downwards, it has mostly suffered from being lamentably unfashionable.

It would only have to become unfashionable to visit studios on the Show Sundays for the painter to be left at peace.

She was gratified; but the weather was not brighter than the faces gathered upon the piazza, at a shockingly unfashionable hour.

Though her brougham produced a sensation in the unfashionable streets into which she directed it, she was never annoyed.

One who worked with him at that time—a time when University reform was as unfashionable as it is now fashionable—well remembers.


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