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[ uhn-fey-ver-uh-buhl ]


  1. not favorable; contrary; adverse:

    an unfavorable wind.

  2. not propitious:

    an unfavorable omen.

  3. unfortunate; undesirable; disadvantageous:

    an unfavorable development.

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Other Words From

  • un·favor·a·ble·ness noun
  • un·favor·a·bly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unfavorable1

Middle English word dating back to 1540–50; un- 1, favorable

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Example Sentences

A gun-rights advocate who once expressed sympathy for QAnon and has ties to right-wing militias, Boebert averaged a 12 percent favorable rating and 25 percent unfavorable rating in the YouGov and Morning Consult polls.

Vaccines garnering federal approval are likely to contain a mix of attributes that Americans find both favorable and unfavorable.

The YouGov poll is somewhat better for him, with 30 percent of Republicans having a favorable opinion of him and 16 percent having an unfavorable one.

As we have done previously, we screen out companies that have sustained negative operating cash flow, indicating businesses that are highly vulnerable to unfavorable disruptions.

From Fortune

The President has repeatedly called unfavorable polls “fake news.”

From Fortune

The basic favorable-unfavorable rating was 37 to 53 percent.

For The Net Party, the road is long, the game is dirty and the odds are unfavorable.

Overall, 10 percent of Kentuckians had a favorable view of Bevin to 17 percent unfavorable.

According to the poll, 30 percent had mostly or very unfavorable views of Christie.

If the experience is a lousy one, the collective opinion will be unfavorable.

Waxy casts are found in most advanced cases of nephritis, where they are an unfavorable sign.

Diacetic acid may be present, and usually warrants an unfavorable prognosis.

We sailed from Dieppe in a most unfavorable season, on the 26th of January, of this year 1611.

Your hostess may imagine you are drawing comparisons unfavorable to your present residence.

Sprouted no more than this, it will stand unfavorable weather as well as dry seed.