US unfavored

/ (ʌnˈfeɪvəd) /


not regarded with especial kindness or approvalunvalued and unfavoured daughter
not regarded with partiality or favouritismthe unfavoured far side of the course
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Examples from the Web for unfavoured

  • He felt that he was not unfavoured by Astarte; he had confidence, and a just confidence, in his power of fascination.

    Tancred|Benjamin Disraeli
  • He is a suitor—an unfavoured suitor—for the hand of Yvonne, that seemingly still hopes.

    The Suitors of Yvonne|Raphael Sabatini
  • Mr. Dennel was a man as unfavoured by nature as he was uncultivated by art.

    Camilla|Fanny Burney