/ (ʌnˈfɛtəd) /

  1. released from physical or mental bonds; unrestrained

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How to use unfettered in a sentence

  • Parliament contented itself with giving the Central Authority wide powers and almost unfettered discretion in the use of them.

  • O Agni, send forth with the ladle thy heat, thy winged flames; send forth unfettered thy firebrands all around.

  • She walked, as always, with the elastic resilience of unfettered youth.

    The Highgrader | William MacLeod Raine
  • To establish the absolute and unfettered liberty of the press and religious opinions?

  • His decision left the way open to the almost unfettered activities of the opponents of his policy both in England and in Ireland.

    The Evolution of Sinn Fein | Robert Mitchell Henry