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/ ʌnˈfɪld /


  1. (of a container, receptacle, etc) not having become or been made full

    unfilled stomachs

  2. (of a job, role, etc) not occupied
  3. (of a cake, doughnut, etc) with no filling

    unfilled choux pastry will freeze

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Example Sentences

The federal bench will be harmed by dozens of vacancies going unfilled, causing a case backlog.

Many Obama administration sub-Cabinet positions (e.g. Surgeon General) have gone unfilled because of GOP opposition.

Remembering Koop brings us full circle to Obama and his surgeon general, a post that has gone unfilled for more than a year.

Even now, a number of critical administration jobs remain unfilled.

Two dreams beset him in his momentary slumber—one of a play in which the title-role of the general manager was always unfilled.

In mineralogy my previous education had left many gaps unfilled, especially as regards the powers of observation.

The unfilled lamp had gone out, leaving a trail of smoke in the air.

In the former I have been obliged to leave one or two words unfilled-in as illegible in the ms.

Mr. Fuller held a peculiar position in American painting, and one which seems likely to remain hereafter unfilled.


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