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[ uhn-fohld ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to bring out of a folded state; spread or open out:

    Unfold your arms.

  2. to spread out or lay open to view.
  3. to reveal or display.
  4. to reveal or disclose in words, especially by careful or systematic exposition; set forth; explain.

verb (used without object)

  1. to become unfolded; open.
  2. to develop.
  3. to become clear, apparent, or known:

    The protagonist's character unfolds as the story reaches its climax.


/ ʌnˈfəʊld /


  1. to open or spread out or be opened or spread out from a folded state
  2. to reveal or be revealed

    the truth unfolds

  3. to develop or expand or be developed or expanded

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Derived Forms

  • unˈfolder, noun

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Other Words From

  • un·folda·ble adjective
  • un·folder noun
  • un·foldment noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unfold1

before 900; Middle English unfolden, Old English unfealdan; cognate with German entfalten. See un- 2, fold 1

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Example Sentences

Luckily, this has bought us some time to reconsider the right name for our unfolding epoch.

It has since evolved to focus more on specific parts of the country, unfolding policy choices like district-level movement restrictions.

Pérez’s Twenty-Five Seconds trip unfolds over 15 days from the Andes to the Galápagos Islands, and includes activities designed to spur travelers to think about where they came from and where they’re going.

They play a surprisingly important role in the unfolding story.

At a smooth, flat spot, Ingenuity will drop to the ground and unfold, then take about five flights in 30 Martian days.

Earlier this year, we also watched “The Gittip Crisis” unfold.

For that reason, we will never see the formation of another solar system unfold before our eyes.

You see, Molly also knows things—some of which unfold in flashbacks—with many more revelations likely to come in future episodes.

In the back, separated by yellow police tape, alternates and guests sat on the bleachers to watch the spectacle unfold.

Where You Are comprises 12 individual pamphlets, some of which unfold into larger maps and diagrams.

In the passage outside the drawing-room was Hedges, evidently waiting for his master, and with a budget to unfold.

He lives in perpetual fear lest some mishap should unfold his weaknesses and secret faults.

Many of these insects would float on with the current, never able to unfold their soft, creamy-wings, and become easy victims.

For the guidance of these energetic folk of ink and types, I will unfold a further huddle of details.

Behind him Luca has carved a Pietà, and beneath two angels unfold the name of the dead man.


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