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/ ˌʌnfɔːˈsiːəbəl /


  1. not able to be foreseen or known beforehand
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Example Sentences

This development has had a variety of unforeseeable effects on the game.

Barring some really extraordinary and unforeseeable chain of events, Obama will not be able to say that.

Whether that be today, tomorrow, on the day after the election, or just at some unforeseeable future date, late at night.

He was the representative of an old order going down in the unforeseeable welter of twentieth-century politics.

New methods and engines, with unforeseeable possibilities, were already in embryo or in actual being.

It was a completely unforeseeable thing—a blood clot broke loose in a vein, and lodged in his brain.

Connected with sacrifice are various phenomena that are accidental in nature and unforeseeable on the part of the sacrificer.

It insists upon the old, the past, and passes lightly over the operation of the genuinely novel and unforeseeable.