[ uhn-fuhn-did ]


  1. not provided with a fund or money; not financed.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unfunded1

First recorded in 1765–75; un- 1 + fund ( def ) + -ed 2( def )

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Example Sentences

The total cost is a big part of the billions of dollars the city claims it has in unfunded infrastructure needs.

The latest study, which was unfunded, found coelacanths live five times longer than once predicted.

Some safety advocates say the mayor’s response has been ineffective in addressing traffic deaths, saying greater commitment is needed, including funding for a comprehensive Vision Zero bill that passed last year and is largely unfunded.

You might wonder what kinds of fiscal policies Republicans have been pushing lately while they pooh-pooh Democrats’ too-unfunded-yet-also-too-funded agenda.

As Andy Keatts detailed in a story Monday, San Diego has a huge infrastructure backlog and half of the unfunded projects over the next five years involve fixing the stormwater system.

All because he didn't have to put $1 an hour towards the pension fund's unfunded liability.

Many jurisdictions have treated Gideon as an unfunded mandate.

Oddly, one of the top virtues of Social Security is that it is unfunded.

The ones on the verge of bankruptcy, with large, unfunded pension obligations.

In most cases, an unfunded liability is an even bigger invitation to mischief than a funded one.

These bills pass from hand to hand as money, and form part of the public unfunded debt of Great Britain.

The ancient name of the national banking account has been attached to two of the forms of unfunded national debt.

The debt incurred by the nation since 1813 was still unfunded.

In the end the question of a settlement of the unfunded debt was allowed to remain open.

The income arising from current labor is unfunded, because there is no permanent fund of accumulated wealth corresponding to it.





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